Fees & Billing

Core Medical will be changing to a mixed billing practice from the 1st May 2019 and fees will apply for most appointments.

We are aiming to bring quality and comprehensiveness to our clinic, therefore our standard consult time is 15- 20 minutes, depending on the doctor you see. If you think you will require less or more time than this, please advise the reception staff at booking and they will adjust your consult time accordingly.

Certain consultations will attract a private fee for all patients e.g. driving licence medicals, employment medicals, dry needling appointments and hormone/compound prescription appointments with Dr McDonnell. Please check with reception at the time of booking.

For more information relating to our introduction of fees, click here

Standard consultation fees for patients without a valid concession card

For patients who do not have valid concession or pension card, and for children 16 and over, the following fees apply.

MBS Item NumberDescription Fee Medicare rebate Out of pocket expense
3Short consult - less than 5 minutes $40$17.20$22.80
23Standard consult (5-20 minutes)$72$37.60$34.40
36Long consult (20-40 minutes) $125$72.80$52.20
44Prolonged consult (over 40 minutes) $210$107.15$102.85
16500Antenatal consult$72$40.10$31.90

Procedures & Skin Checks

Private fees will apply for procedures and skin checks for all patients from 25th March 2019. Should you need a procedure, the costs will be discussed with you beforehand with your doctor as part of informed financial consent. Any skin biopsies performed during a skin check will be bulk billed. Skin biopsies that need to be rebooked for a later date will be privately billed.

MBS Item NumberDescriptionFee Medicare rebate Out of pocket expense
23Brief skin check of 1-3 moles$85$37.60$47.40
36Comprehensive full body skin check $150 $72.80$77.20

Physiotherapy Fees (Private)

Initial consultation $87

Initial consultation (valid concession card) $77

Subsequent consultation $65

Subsequent consultation (valid concession card) $55

With a completed Enhanced Care Plan under Medicare, you would be able to see the Physiotherapist at bulk billing rates.

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